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Opportunity Quest
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The second competition in the Utah Entrepreneur Series, Opportunity Quest addresses the executive summary stage in business development. Participants will receive an educational forum to aid in developing a professional, competitive executive summary. Students will be judged based upon the quality of their submission.

Competitions are exclusive to individual schools. University students can enter as individuals or as members of a team, and are encouraged to investigate local opportunities. Cash prizes vary based upon the institution.

If you are your respective schools 2014-15 Opportunity Quest 1st place winner, you receive an automatic bid into the top 20 of the UEC. You must follow all rules and submit your executive summary before the deadline. Failure to do so will disqualify your team into making the top 20.


University of Utah Students can contact Sam Despres or Sam Skanchy with questions about registration and sumbission.


Opportunity Quest school contacts

WEBER STATE UNIVERSITY – Dave Noack <davidnoack@weber.edu>
UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY - Natalee Champlin <natalee.champlin@usu.edu>
LDS BUSINESS COLLEGE - Ralph Little <rkl28@ldsbc.edu>
SNOW COLLEGE - Stacee McIff <Stacee.McIff@snow.edu>
SOUTHERN UTAH UNIVERSITY - Joni Anderson <andersonjoni@suu.edu>
UTAH VALLEY UNIVERSITY - Ivan Banov <Ivan.Banov@uvu.edu>
WESTMINSTER - Elizabeth Asbell <eba0812@westminstercollege.edu>



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